Friday, September 4, 2009

Car Buying Sucks

So I went to Panama City, FL this past Saturday to drive a WRX. First I must say the car drives like a dream. So after the short drive they let me do. I asked if I could get better number then the standard ones they give every buddy. Well after 3 hours of sitting in a chair with not a salesman around. I was called back to the finance guy. He told me I had a good credit score but still need a co-signer. I told them I need to think about it and would call them back on Monday. He said he would give me another $250 for my Bronco if I could find out in 20 minutes. Yes, they were only going to give me $250 for my truck. (I know they could give me $1000 for it.) So I told them I need to think about this and would call them back. So on Monday I called back and talk to the manager I was talking to before the test drive.

I told him that I was upset that they were not upfront with me with this whole process. Have salesman come up to me every 15 minutes saying only a few more minutes works for only a little while. And second if they would have told me at the start that I need a cosigner I might have more likely to deal with them. He said everything I was saying was correct. And that they would give me a call by the end of the day.

Fast forward to today. No phone call. Not even an email. Looks like they do not want me to buy a car from them. Suck to be them.

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  1. When Jesse bought our Honda Element , he sent emails to every dealer from here to Orlando. He told them exactly the style / options etc he wanted on the car and told them color didn't matter. He told them that he would be buying from the person that emailed him their BEST bottom line number. He told them NO PHONE CALLS - only emails would be accepted. That worked and he got a sweet deal from the hungriest sales rep. Mom drove him to Orlando the next day to pick it up. You ought to try that since you are sure of the make/model you want. Now just negotiate with the best price from the best dealer. Hope that helps -- can't hurt huh ?