Friday, September 11, 2009

Update on car buying

So lets go back in time to Thursday morning around 08:00. I was pulling into my parking spot at work; when I heard a "ping". Well a "ping is never good right? I was not able to take my truck out of drive. The shaft that sits on top of the steering column broke. Well I turned the truck of and put my jack under the wheel to keep it from rolling way. I then called Kevin, my brother, He told me that it is most likely this. So I had know idea how to take apart the steering column and the parking deck is not a good place for a tow-truck. So I went to work to get the toolbox and tried to get a better look at the problem. The next hour and half I took about everything to try to get a better look and see if I could take the part off to get a new one at the Ford part store. Well the 25 T star bit screws were in really good. I was able to get 6 of the 8 out by using a 20 T star bit. So my boss took me to the auto parts store to get the 24 T star bit I needed to get the other 2 out and we went to the Ford part store to see if the pictures we took could help the parts guy in getting us the new part and for only $45. He was able to get us the new part and back to the parking deck we went to fix my car. As I was installing the new part it looks like I need a hammer to put some pins in there place. So my boss and I walked back to work. He had a meeting so he said he would come back out when he was done with it. I picked up the hammer and went back to work.

Know I know what you are thinking. The title of this post is for an update on car buying. I am getting to that part. As I was walking back to the parking deck. The guy from the Subaru place gave me a call. The phone call went something like this:

Guy: Hey Keith this is Guy from the Subaru dealership. I wanted to call and find out how you are liking your new Subaru.

Me: Hey Guy, I dont own a Subaru. Nobody has called me back.

Guy: Really, that is old I am very sorry.
(As I am trying to put my truck back together without making any noise.)

Me: Yeah I have not talk to anybody since the Monday after my vist. and Guy2 said someone would call me by the end of the day. And here it is just about 2 weeks later.

Guy: Well let me find out what is happening and I will give you a call back by the end of the day and if I do not talk to you I will leave a voice mail.

(hangs up the phone.)

I go on fix my truck and the shifter feels great.

I then go back to work and for a great tempo run, then drank a few beers.

Well I will ask the question. Did I get the phone call or a voice mail?

The answer is No. I even looked at my missed calls and nothing.

So speaking this is my day off of work I am going to give them a call and tell them I am no longer going to do business with them. So cousin I might be heading your way some time soon.

Bike update:

I might have a lead on my bike not sure if it will pan out. I need to call the PD.

Gator out


  1. hey check out this video about bike thief here in jax - on Sept 8th

  2. come on over ----oh and by the way ....that sounds like a story my mom retold me with some embellishment I'm sure. Something about your truck driving by itself without you in the truck ??? and it ended up in some bushes that stopped it ? and you hopped in and just drove off like it happens all the time. Dude ... that is NOT normal lol.----