Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boston Mini-Marathon

Well the 1/2 marathon went well this morning. I ran a 1:42:04 which is 7 minutes fast then my last 1/2 marathon 2 years ago. The first 8 miles or so went really well. but the last 5 miles I just could not hold it together. But it was only a training run. All you can really do is just keep running. On a great note in of the running group a am apart of had a guy who ran his first 1/2 today. When he was at the 6.5 mile mark he told someone that his calf was really tight. He looked at it and it had what looked like a steel bar running down his calf. Well just about anybody would just pull out he finished his first half. Way to go Jacob.

Have a great weekened everybody.

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  1. great job ! I loved Boston ! If you get time do a walking tour of the Freedom Trail. Or just attach yourself to a guided tour when you see the guy that looks like Ben Franklin. They have no idea who paid and who didn't :). Hope you had a great thskgiving.