Monday, April 12, 2010

Springtime 10k and Palace Saloon 5k

Well  a few races have went by since the last post, Springtime and Palace.  They are my favorite races of the year.  It just so happens that this year has been a good year for me racing so far. So a few weeks ago I put done a good time at the Thomasville Baptist Road 10k of a 41:07.  I was happy with that but I knew that I could have went a little harder if I knew I was so close to 41 minutes.  Well I went into Springtime just hoping I could get under 41.  I knew I could do this if I did not day dream in the middle of the race; which I do sometimes.  Well to cut to the chase I ended up with a 40:33. The funny thing is that when I crossed the 6 mile mark I clicked the split button. Well when I crossed the line and looked at my watch it read a 39:15( I think).  Well my watch stopped at the 6 mile mark so I thought I ran really fast. I was showing everyone my watch thinking I ran sub 40. After a few minutes later I realized that my watch was stuck on the 6 mile mark.  So I did have to find some people and correct this tiny mistake.  Maybe next year for that sub 40.

Well Palace Saloon 5k was this past weekend.  Leading up to Palace I wanted to go under 19:30. Well I did the run for the cookies right after the marathon and was right under 20 minutes.  With that in mind I had a feeling that I could go under 19:30.  So on race day came and the shotgun went off.  I went out. Andy yelled to me saying I was running a 5:30 pace and I need to slow down.  Unlike myself I slowed down and crossed the first mile in 6:04.  I felt really good there and was pacing off of Andy and Felton.(thanks guys)  The second mile I held on leading to the hill with a 6:11.  All I had left with the last mile was a 6:22.  This was enough to get me under 19:30 by a huge about of time I finished in 19:11.  This is be fastest time in the last 10 years.

To end this rambling, I think I can cut some more time off if I just stay healthy. I would like to thank my high school cross coach.  Thanks for pushing me and giving me the hunger to fight through the pain.


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  1. 19:11 is a good time. I ran in the same race you did on Saturday and finished in 19:45. Stephen Robbins