Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 3 of Chicago

I stated the week off feeling really good the legs seemed to recover from the long run over the weekend really well. When I went to the St. Marks trail to do my track workout I was still feeling really good and it showed during the workout. On the same token it showed during the mid week long run. During the run Wednesday morning I felt really sluggish; it was all I could do to finish the run.  Even though Wednesday was a little sluggish; the tempo run on Thursday was great.  The weather was so much cooler.  I was very happy to see the rest day on Friday.  So far the long runs this marathon training program has not been bad at all.  I still really strong at the end of the run. Lets hope it stays that way.  When I woke up Sunday morning my throat was a little sore.  I took some vitamins so I hope it passes soon.

Over all I think this week went really well.  I feel stronger then I did last week.  I just hope I can get rid of sore throat.  So it is time to get ready for week 4.


MonTuesWedThursFriSatSun Total:Weight
5 miles in 41:061 mile warm up then 4 X mile in 6:47, 6:49, 6:50, 6:54 then 1 mile cool down9 miles in 1:24:591 mile warm up then 3.19 mile tempo in 22:40 followed by 1 mile cool down.OFF14.5 miles in 2:03:315 miles in 40:4345.8 miles179 lb

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