Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicago week Seven and week Eight

Week Seven
Well followers it is week seven. We are getting really close to half way. The run on Monday was not to bad I think the knee is getting better. I also have been doing a better job of using the stick on the IT band.
I forgot a lot of the week because I have not been good of writing it down. I have done the work but have been really busy. So the rest of this post will be about week seven and eight.

From what I remember the track workout went well and I had some trouble breathing on the 7 mile run that Wednesday.  The tempo was hot that week but I finished it.  I did the long run on Saturday; it was hard because I was by myself.  Sunday was nice and short.

MonTuesWedThursFriSatSun Total:Weight
5.2 miles in 43:441 mile warm up then 8X800 with 1/4 mile recovery 3:13, 3:08, 3:06, 3:07, 3:06, 3:14, 3:05, 3:10 then 1 mile cool down7 miles in 1:14:592 miles with Steve then 1 mile warm up followed by 3.19 tempo in 25:05 then 1.2 mile cool downOFF16 miles in 2:32:425 miles in 48:3648.6 miles169lb after the run
Week Eight
Well this week went by fast.  Not sure want to say but I think I got rid of that thing in my throat.  I am still having some trouble breathing but the last few say have been a nice because they have been cooler.
See you next week.
MonTuesWedThursFriSatSun Total:Weight
5.2 miles 45:421 mile warm up then 5X mile with 1/4 recovery :44, 6:48, 6:45, 6:52, 6:57 then 1 mile cool down5 miles in 54:381 mile warm up then 3.19 in 23:18 then 1.2 mile cool downOFF5 miles in 44:2720 miles in 3:05:0548.8 miles170lb after the run

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