Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did you qualify for the Boston Marathon and miss out on registration? Here’s a free entry for ya…

Did you qualify for the Boston Marathon and miss out on registration? Here’s a free entry for ya…: "

I was approached yesterday by the folks from Salonpas to giveaway a Boston Marathon registration to anyone who wanted it (including yours truly). Given I’ve already run Boston (my favorite sports experience to date!), and more importantly because I have zero desire to cause that much pain in my legs in the next few months – I’m going to give it away.

Except, there’s one little caveat that I decided on (which, I think you’ll appreciate). Back on October 18th the Boston Marathon sold out in 8 hours – cutting off the opportunity to register for many peeps. More importantly – folks who had worked their butts off to get a Boston Qualifying time, only to come home from work that day and find it already sold out.


So I decided this would be a good opportunity to try and rectify that – even if only for one person. While the Salonpas folks said I could give away the entry to anybody, I’m going to make the following tiny little conditions:

1) You must have already run a Boston Qualifying time for your age group per the normal Boston qualifying rules, as of October 18th, 2010 (meaning, prior to the last roughly 13 months of that date). While I know others qualifying after October 18th had the door closed on them early this year, I really want to help out the peeps who will otherwise not be able to use their BQ time at all.

2) You must be willing to run the Boston Marathon this year (April 18th, 2011). I know this sounds silly – but please don’t enter unless you will run (the whole thing).

3) This must be your first Boston Marathon experience. There’s something special about Boston that’s just different for newbies.

4) You must have the time of your life. That’s it!

Sound like a deal? Then simply leave a comment below – that’s it. Nothing fancy to do other than say hello. Though, if you write a poem, it’ll be more entertaining for all of us to read – but the winner will be chosen at random from the entries.

Finally – I’d like to thank Salonpas for this opportunity. During my survey a few weeks ago you told me that you didn’t want ‘sellout’ freebie advertising type giveaways (that I haven’t done to date) – but that you loved some of the really unique ones I could get (and you loved the gadget giveaways). I think this fits the description of ‘dang cool’ pretty well. Of course, I do want to briefly mention what Salonpas is – as that’s the least I could do.

They have an simple pain relief patch that you can slap on after you torment your body during training. It lasts up to 12 hours before you get to tear it off and slap on another one for more happy. They are currently hosting a sports sponsorship program where groups can apply to receive workout backpacks, water bottles, T-shirts, and samples for every member of their team. To apply, head on over to their Facebook page and click on the ‘Get Started’ button (or any other buttons that look interesting). Or you can just visit their normal Facebook page here.

Technical deets: The winner will receive a fully paid entry to the 2011 Boston Marathon on behalf of Salonpas. The winner does not have to know the date nacho cheese was invented, nor why it was invented. The winner will receive a pile of free goodies from Salonpas, including some of their products and also a running kit – they are under no obligation to use either though. The winner will otherwise pay their own way to Boston and all the normal expenses – none of that’s covered by me or Salonpas. Entry is open to US folks only this time (first time ever!), sorry! Winner may or may not be required to send me a finishers photo so I can post it then…depends on how brutal it looks…the more brutal, the more likely it’ll be posted. ;)

Entry period closes Sunday, February 13th at 11:59PM Eastern Time. That way I can give someone a Valentines day gift! Good luck!


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