Monday, June 27, 2011

May 2011 summary

First off,  I know it is almost the end of June and this is the May summary.

Second,  May was a great month of training for the Mohican 50 mile race.  I had great 50k training run. Showing me that I was ready for the race the following month.  I only raced once all month long and it was a great experience but I think a bad race.( too hot).  

In the middle of all of this training I got to see a great friend of mine get married.  And I also meet some great people in Boone, NC.  

The miles break down as follows:

Workouts: 34
Total number of miles: 309.9
Total time running time: 47 hours and 13 min.

Gate to Gate 4.4. mile Race:  29:02

Again sorry for the late post.  But staying moving.


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