Thursday, September 30, 2010

GU All about it!

This is kind of nice. I might just try it.

GU All about it!: "Call them crazy, but they did it. 

After scrutinizing rounds of testing, research and development to find the next flavor of Roctane, GU Energy found that the majority of athletes preferred...booze?

The taste-test and selection process yielded the newest Roctane flavor to be incredibly reminiscent of a Mai Tai.  GU can't (and won't) call the new flavor "Mai-Tai" - it lacks the chunks of fruit, pig roast hula dance and inevitable hangover.  So instead, they are calling it Island Nectars.  It's frickin' delicious.

As you may know, the Kona Ironman is next month; GU found it to be perfect place to launch the new flavor.  The curveball:  Up until last week, this new oral delight (can I say that?  Well, I did.) was only going to be available to Kona qualifiers.  It dawned on us that such an idea was just plain ridiculous.  So, from now until Oct 31, GU is not only opening the new flavor to the public, they are giving it away for free. 


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